Saturday, 2 March 2019

IEX, the alternative fact exchange, celebrates seven years

Perhaps best to skip this meander. Repetitive with de minimus news value. It's just an update with IEX's February stats.

IEX, the dark and expensive exchange that is still not a restaurant, celebrates seven years of misleading the public, making markets less fair, and occasionally engaging in skullduggery to try and get people fired for critical analysis.

Vice Admiral Jerome Adams, the Surgeon General, may need to put out a health warning for IEX trading. February 2019 results show a little under 2.7% of the US market may be open to their IEX broker being sued for failing to fulfil best execution obligations:
(click to enlarge)
IEX's high trading fees mean disingenuous marketing campaigns with your money (IEX - the cable guy) as the exec's upgrade their houses and cars.

The parasitic darkness at IEX grew a little in February as lit trading regressed somewhat. Treat your customers better. Don't succumb to IEX's spin.

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