Saturday, 21 July 2018

Raft cut loose: HF tower for HFT refused

Sniper's Tweet (click to enlarge)
Alexandre Laumonier, aka @SniperInMahwah, noted via tweet an HF and microwave tower for HFT application has been refused in the UK by a parish council.

In the application from Doron Bar of Raft Technologies, from a popular address in Israel, Raft wanted to put a fairly modest tower for HF with microwave links "near the settlement of Taplow, close by Maidenhead in Berkshire but within the administrative area of South Bucks District Council."

Tower site near Taplow (click to enlarge)
Approximate coordinates: 51°31'26.6"N 0°41'18.7"W (51.524065, -0.688536).
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Note to self: if you are going to put in a disguised tower, at least use a picture of a disguised tower to improve your chances. Putting a picture of a tower that proudly stands out in the skyline may not be the best way to convey discretion for a Green Belt. Whilst it is a great picture of such a tower, I couldn't imagine a worse picture for a council application. The picture looks much more imposing than it actually would be. Oops.

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Alexandre has some interesting details yet to come on the HF comings and goings on his side of the pond. Worth waiting for...

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