Monday, 25 June 2018

US Finra ATS tier 1 stats update: June 25 release for June 4

UBS and Credit Suisse remained ensconced at #1 and #2 respectively. Barclays dropped a couple of slots to 6th.

TWEB dropped 8 places to 21st with only 114 trades for the week. The 211,017 shares per trade kept it at around 1% of ATS tier 1. Normal volatility in the rankings for DealerWeb thanks to the small number of trades.

Instinet's second venue, Block-Cross was the biggest mover up in the rankings, popping up 3 slots to 18th. This gives Instinet a solid aggregate top ten viewpoint from their three venues. The menu of Instinet venues has an interesting variety of average trade sizes with 209 shares, 12,049 shares, and 3,925 shares.

Luminex jumped up a slot to 25th after being a topic of conversation last week in "Liquidity Dancing.

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