Sunday, 10 June 2018

The accidental HFT firm - the book

A Kickstarter for your consideration.

Korean trading. Fun and games with Japanese infrastructure. The Toronto - New Jersey interlisted arb. How not to negotiate multi-million dollar deals. Reverse engineering the ASX. Building the world's fastest (at the time) network switch and matching engine. Killing canaries. The ATS that wasn't. Lots of reading fun to be had by all.

An inspirational bit of "generative art" - I hope I'll be quicker

Condensation Cube, Plexiglas and water;
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden,
begun 1965, completed 2008 by Hans Haacke 
I've gratefully received much positive feedback after writing in Automated Trader and then blogging my brief account of starting an HFT firm somewhat accidentally, "The accidental HFT firm."

Some well-wishers have requested that it be fleshed out into a book form with quite a bit more detail. This is the project to meet their requests.

Whilst it feels a bit of a self-indulgent, vanity project, I believe, from the requests I've received, there may be genuine interest. The murky dark corners of finance that are never spoken about, even in hushed tones, can be quite intriguing. Even those in the industry may like others to understand what they do but can't really talk about.

HFT needs a voice - warts and all.
"Now we were sending out orders
before the data packet arrived," --Matt.

Then again, perhaps it's just therapy. I'm OK with that.

Happy trading,


Risks and challenges

Procrastination and writer's block are the chief challenges. I need to produce 50,000 to 100,000 words that are not all of dubious quality.

Originally the 12,000 words took only a fairly long week. I expect a better account with more depth will take some months of writing, revision, restructuring, and starting again. I've never done this before, so I don't really know how I'll travel. I hope the time frame is reasonable. I think it is, but am uncertain.


  1. Naturally there will be a few little nuances never mentioned before. I hope it's a fun read that inspires a bit of market philosophy and technological creativity.

  2. Any chance to participate in the campaign now? In any case great job on the blog, way to go!

  3. great job, may i know if it is possible to participate the campaign now? or where to purchase the book after its release?

  4. great job! is it still possible to participate the campaign? or where can we purchase the book after its release?

  5. what is the status of the book, any ETA maybe?