Monday, 11 June 2018

Shortwave trading - Who is that in Bob and Sniper's blog?

Bob and Alexandre, aka Sniper, provide the great pictures of the two Shortwave or HF antennae. They allude to the addresses but don't explicitly name the owners. Well, here are their linked FCC documents showing who the antennae belong to:

LineChard Capital LLC via Google Earth
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As you can see from FCC experimental form Bob and Sniper refer to:
FCC Form 442 - highlighting Richard Reeuwijk's name
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Richard Reeuwijk is the contact:

Richard's LinkedIn page - LineChard Capital (ex Optiver)
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As Sniper points out the Elburn Illinois towers are a bit better hidden until you see the property records:
Sniper's link to the image DB (45W160 Beith Road)
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Zooming out from the image above
Compare and contrast with Bob and Sniper's land records:

(click to enlarge)
So, which trading firm is at 600 W Chicago Ave?

Well, there may be more than one, as it is a big building, but this one may stand out to you:

Jump's Bloomberg profile
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I can understand why Sniper and Bob don't mention the company names explicitly as it may be impolite if you talk to people at those firms. I tend not to mention such data about the names of firms who chat to me. So, just let me know about your HF trading sites and I'll make sure I don't meander about your Shortwave Trading meanderings ;-)

Frankly, the only disturbing thing I see here is the rate of the rate increase for Jump's land: almost doubling in six years. Yikes. Government piracy at its worst!

Happy trading,


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