Monday, 19 September 2016

Exablaze (bad guys) responds to Solarflare's (good guys) complaint

That quasi-criminal organisation Exablaze has put out their defence against Solarflare's patent infringement case:

Exablaze's answer, affirmative defenses, counterclaims, and demand for jury trial

The summary is pretty simple: we deny all claims as we say all of Solarflare's granted patents are invalid. Besides that, we deny pretty much almost everything. Go suck a lemon.
Exablaze chooses the long way and insults the court

Exablaze even had the gall to claim they don't do kernel bypass. Exablaze claimed they used kernel bypass their own court case against another party.

When confronted by Solarflare about kernel bypass Exablaze/Zomojo says:
38. Each Exablaze Product can use kernel bypass for delivery of packets to user level processes. 
ANSWER: Denied.
In Zomojo/Exablaze's claim against another party:
Kernel bypass 
XX. ... [Exablaze] uses a kernel bypass methodology where the operating system is not involved in transmission or reception of network data. 
XX+1... [Exablaze] uses its custom NIC firmware to provide the most optimal buffer layout and data transfer schemes for this kernel bypass.
It seems Exablaze wishes to treat the court with contempt. I don't think the court should appreciate that.