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Corruption, Zomojo, Greg Robinson, Gordon J, and the Federal Court

The tragedy of the commoner.

My appeals raised last year and heard on March 3 & 4 had their judgments handed down last week. The judgments were harsh, beyond reasonable belief, and riddled with errors, inconsistencies, and invective.

My first reaction was to be pretty pissed off. Now a few days have passed. The blood simmers rather than boils. I find myself reflecting on how it could go so wrong. It may have been a reasonable result for the JJs to say, “as a self-represented litigant you're an incompetent fool” and dismiss the appeal. I could have respected that.

They did not. They piled on unreasonable and malicious reasoning with intemperate language and flawed logic.

The first question that comes to mind is that is the system a giant conspiracy and out to get me?


The second question to ask is if the JJs are bad judges, full of malevolence, and corruption?


These judges are good people.

Gilmour J was distracted, inattentive, and somewhat regard free. Beach J was impressive but clearly prejudiced. Besanko J simply did not care enough to seek the truth. Nevertheless I've seen the work they do and these are good people who work hard for what they see as justice.

The question remains that if these are good people that made such a malicious judgment, where did their motivation come from?

It's pretty simple on reflection.

Honourable Justice Michelle Gordon's original bias and toxicity has simply infected everything that has subsequently flowed. The JJ's simply believed in Gordon's findings and felt they were doing society and justice a favour by burying me. Hurd the toxic, begone.

The conclusion is pretty simple to reach as you can see in paragraph 73 of their judgment they had no basic understanding of the case. They simply didn't bother. The case seemed to be deemed a distraction from a self-represented litigant who was calling out a biased judge, their friend and colleague. The matter was heard at the end of their appeal circuit and was simply a puss filled boil that was preventing the closure of their junket and further time at the bar. They lanced the boil.

The judges certainly believe they have done the right thing with their inattentive misunderstanding. It is a shame that the legal system works, or fails, in this way.

Davies J decision in 663/2013 was much worse and more perverted but more understandable as Her Honour was:
  1. being fed by corruption within due to Registrar Burns being a friend of Robinson;
  2. worked with Gordon J in the same small department in University Melbourne Law; and, 
  3. no doubt “owed” Gordon J somewhat due to not only the friendship but the recent appointment to the Federal Court and assimilation.
The JJ's decision is simply on the same progression. No understanding of the case and a desire to project a protective shield over criticism of the court and the influential Hayne & Gordon power couple.

The whole saga is representative of the corruption in society that is prevalent when institutions mature and the politics of appointment and favour move the dial from the meritorious to the connected. Australia has long been far from the egalitarian ideal we often fool ourselves into believing. This case shows just how that corruption has become endemic to our society. Not the graft, $ in hand, kind of corruption, but the connected, influence, self reinforcing favour, and status kind of corruption. This case has to be the poster child for exactly that decay. The country is unsafe.

There can be no expectation of public confidence in the legal system.

Australia is dead.

Fiat justitia,


Some details on the apprehended bias I failed to fight against:

Even though Zeptonics and Zomojo are based in the Sydney, the matter is raised in Melbourne.

Robinson has prior boasted of the influence he can bring to bear in Melbourne but there seems little to worry about as the case is largely without merit.

Honourable Justice Michelle Gordon has the case.

Her Honour's husband Honourable Justice Ken Hayne is a High Court of Australia jurist. Hayne is a good mate with the Governor of Victoria, Hon Alex Chernov, both being ex Vic Supreme jurists. Hayne swore in Chernov as the Administrator of the Commonwealth of Australia, for example.

Bill Burdett, Zomojo beneficiary or shareholder, friend of Robinson, works in an excellent charity, Friends of Asha, alongside Chernov.

Greg Robinson and Bill are ex-ITG folk. Bill was on the NY board as a Director, Asia-Pac chairman, and Greg ran ITG Asia-Pac as CEO. I met them in 2005 when I was looking for a job and ITG was considering using me to set-up a prop trading biz in Sydney to complement their existing prop trading in the US and Canada. Bill and Greg decided to take the opportunity for themselves instead of ITG which is how Zomojo was born with me starting up with their capital investment.

Still, these connections the Zomojo guys have should be not that much of a concern, should they? Justice should still work?

The judge Michelle Gordon, works at Melbourne University. Greg Robinson's wife, Patricia Desmond works at Melbourne University as a Prof and runs a medical department there. That's a bit more of a worry. Two senior and powerful University women.

Greg and his wife have donated at least $300,000 to the university and mix it with Gordon and her ilk at the university, including Michael Robinson AO, Gordon's former boss at Allens. Then again, maybe they don't even know each other?

Greg's wife has done work for Michael Robinson AO at his health concern, Epsworth Medical Foundation, he chairs. Patricia has invited him to gala dinners. Perhaps they do know each other after all.

Greg Robinson provides an affidavit that says he had lunch with Michael Robinson at the men's only Melbourne Club.

It turns out Hayne J has a bunch of golf buddies, from that den of paedophilia known as Scotch College, that he plays weekly golf with and some of them, such as Robyn Syme, are mutual friends of Zomojo's legal team (including Janet Whiting), Greg Robinson, or Bill Burdett.

The Melbourne club is a tight knit group and all these people know each other and hangout in the same circles. National Gallery of Victoria. National Australia Day Council. They bump around and feed off each other. That is not that much in itself but the donations of at least $300,000 to the university seem to raise a bit of a worry as, in effect, Robinson has been giving money to the judge's employer. This seems a conflict too far.

Now the original case was run in October 2012. In 2012 a lass by the name of Kate Dillion (nee Desmond), a close relative of Greg Robinson and his wife Patricia Desmond, was awarded the Melbourne Law School Masters Award – Davies Collison Dave Prize for 2012. So, Gordon J's school gave Robinson's relative, where he donated lots of money, a prize. No influence?

It should seem to you less and less likely that a fair trial could be in the offing.

Now the Zomojo barristers are Dr Matt Collins SC and Dr Michelle Sharpe. They seem good people whereas Janet Whiting and Matthew Critchley, Zomojo's solicitors, are outright lying scum.

Hold it a sec. Matt Collins works at the University of Melbourne Law School. Michelle Sharpe has worked there too. Goodness, how far can the conflicts lead us? Really, should it be allowed that it is appropriate for both opposing counsel to work with judge? What the ????

No wonder Zomojo's counsel is so favoured in trial by the judge despite their lies. They are colleagues and friends of the judge!

We get an answer to an interlocutory application, including a Robinson affidavit, before it has even been stamped and received by us. That is strange as it has certainly not been served. We complain. We get another copy of the interlocutory application, this time with a new date stamp on it back dated to the prior week. Hmmmm. Something fishy is going on in the Victoria Registry. Smells of a little corruption.

In VID 663/2013, the Zomojo liquidation matter, Registrar Burns is actingy harshly and weirdly against us prior to trial. Burns declares that Greg Robinson is a friend on the Friday before trial. He does not recuse himself and continues to act against us. This perhaps explains why information and documents have been leaking to the other side all this time. Moles, leaking, favours, corruption. What the ???? Seems a little ridiculous. Why is this case so special?

Besanko, Gilmour, and Gilmour JJ's have ruled this is perfectly OK. Even though, Gordon J acted harshly against us, ignored evidence, granted mistake riddled subpoenas to Zomojo whilst being a pedant with ours, changed the procedures on the fly in favour of Robinson, hardly granted us any objections and granted almost all of theirs, even ignoring evidence that didn't suit Her Honour's prejudice along with many "inconvenient" legal submissions and precedents… there was no possibility of impartiality.

Some of these facts only became known this year, but then again, we should have known we were in trouble when Gordon J made snide remarks about New South Welshmen in court. It was unlikely to end well, and it did not.

The system is corrupt.


Sometimes they try to break me down
Other times I feel safe and sound
And I don't know why I'm weightless now
But I'm guessing it's because we're running on air

I was told that life is as easy as can be
But apparently the tragedy is freedom isn't free

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