Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Some interesting "white box" switches

Pica8, Inventec, Edge-Core and Quanta have all been pumping out various 10G, 40G, and now 100G white box switches. Generally Broadcom's Trident+, Trident II or Tomahawk ASICs at the core.

Out of the Open Network Install Environments (ONIE): Cumulus, Big Switch, and PicOS seem to be the more popular with Cumulus having more mindshare to me. That is a pretty fuzzy situation to me though. I'm not too sure who is winning in the ONIE space.
Edge-corE AS6701-32X with ONIE
40GbE Data Center Switch

Any how, here are some samplings via links to some of the current offerings:

Interesting alternative platforms to the usual suspects, especially when combined with alternative network operating systems. In that respect, I note some of the Quanta switches are listed as Ubuntu Compliant for their x86 Intel Rangely which has left me wondering about what that means exactly...

Anyhow, here is a pretty decent tutorial on the whitebox market from Big Switch Network's Rob Sherwood from ONUG last year if you wish to meander some more.

Network OS choices via ONIE seem more important than the hardware itself.


Update: I saw Chalon Duncan post a reference to the following article which explains what I was missing about Ubuntu on switch platforms:
Mystery, to me, solved.

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