Tuesday, 31 December 2013

NSA to Q's lab - eat your heart out

Lots of interesting gadgets as describe by Speigel, here and here.

The detail is a little disappointing but some details, which are fascinating, are described at leaksources.

Example from Leaksources.
A few take home points.  Ever since the Russians hoodwinked the US with the radiating gifted great seal in their embassy, it seems that the US has embraced that lesson. Quite a few RF devices are the hard to track resonate and reflect type.  Some effort is occasionally used to point out that devices use COTS parts so that they are deniable also indicating, more importantly, some breadth of custom tech, including semiconductors, at their disposal.

The slides are a bit old at around the 2007 vintage. Not bad for a Cabernet but not so good for a chip. No modern 3D stacking or other cool techniques evident in this particular set yet.  Packaging techniques are used to make neatly tiny things out of not so innovative parts, such as ARMS, FPGAs (generally Xilinx), Flash and RAM.  Neat packages (e.g. TRINITY) around the size of a penny with an ARM9, 96MB RAM, 4MB Flash and an FPGA (1M gates).

You may have a little chuckle at the NSA cell base station (CANDYGRAM - GSM Telephone Tripwire) that required Windows XP on a laptop.  I hope they don't send in error reports that may be interdicted on seg faults.  Windows XP on a laptop is perhaps good cover for an agent ;-)

Very little on audio, visual/optical, RF/magnetic, pressure, tempest, power exploits.  The cases are focused on semi-regular network hacks.

The RF solutions look innovative.  The tech is otherwise not that exciting but well packaged.  Budget and organisation, in terms of hierarchy and catalogue at least, gives much power.  The implants, tempest and persistent firmware are especially neat in terms of their attention to detail and the effort that would have been required even if the tech is not that remarkable.  The implied multi-level covert network, especially with respect to RF, seems comprehensive, expensive and clever.

Imagine what progress has been made in the last seven years from 2007 to 2014.

It is clear that firewalls are like screen doors, good for insects but not bears.  Homogeneity of manufacture makes exploits cheaper.

The take home message is security is a matter of cost. Especially with respect to the constant and diligent attention to detail that is necessary.  Such a security effort is expensive if you want your people to compartmentalise and probably not fail at it with the boundaries. Compromise is just a matter of cost and effort from the adversary.  Don't overspend on a fancy lock when someone can kick the door in. You have to be clever about raising the cost bar.

It looks like the world needs a new vendor that will securely develop, test and even deliver to your hands, very simple network appliances, servers and operating systems that can also attempt to confirm their integrity.

Regardless, if there is a desire to infiltrate you, it will be so.


[PS: Applebaum's recent talk on it all]

Larger images - a bit easier to read at a glance - below:

  2. download here:
  3. http://94ccbc52.linkbucks.com
  5. Explosives, guns, assassination, conspiracy, primers, detonators, initiators, main charge, nuclear charges, ambush, sniping, motorcade, IRS, BATF, jtf-6, mjtf, hrt, srt, hostages, munitions, weapons, TNT, rdx, amfo, hmtd, picric acid, silver nitrite, mercury fulminate, presidential motorcade, salt peter, charcoal, sulfur, c4, composition b, amatol, petn, lead azide, lead styphante, ddnp, tetryl, nitrocellulose, nitrostarch, mines, grenades, rockets, fuses, delay mechanism, mortars, rpg7, propellants, incendiaries, incendiary device, thermite, security forces, intelligence, agencies, hrt, resistance, psyops, infiltration, assault team, defensive elements, evasion, detection, mission, communications, the football, platter charge, shaped charges, m118, claymore, body armor, charges, shrapnel, timers, timing devices, boobytraps, detcord, pmk 40, silencers, Uzi, HK-MP5, AK-47, FAL, Jatti, Skorpion MP, teflon bullets, cordite, napalm, law, Stingers, RPK, SOCIMI 821 SMG, STEN, BAR, MP40, HK-G3,FN-MAG, RPD,PzB39, Air Force One, M60, RPK74, SG530, SG540, Galil arm, Walther WA2000, HK33KE, Parker-Hale MOD. 82, AKR, Ingram MAC10, M3, L34A1, Walther MPL, AKS-74, HK-GR6, subsonic rounds, ballistic media, special forces, JFKSWC, SFOD-D! , SRT, Rewson, SAFE, Waihopai, INFOSEC, ASPIC, Information Security, SAI, Information Warfare, IW, IS, Privacy, Information Terrorism, Kenya, Terrorism Defensive Information, Defense Information Warfare, Offensive Information, Offensive Information Warfare, NAIA, SAPM, ASU, ECHELON ASTS, National Information Infrastructure, InfoSec, SAO, Reno, Compsec, JICS, Computer Terrorism, Firewalls, Secure Internet Connections, RSP, ISS, JDF, Passwords, NAAP, DefCon V, RSO, Hackers, Encryption, ASWS, Espionage, USDOJ, NSA, CIA, S/Key, SSL, FBI, Secret Service, USSS, Defcon, Military, White House, Undercover, NCCS, Mayfly, PGP, SALDV, PEM, resta, RSA, Perl-RSA, MSNBC, bet, AOL, AOL TOS, CIS, CBOT, AIMSX, STARLAN, 3B2, BITNET, Tanzania, SAMU, COSMOS, DATTA, E911, FCIC, HTCIA, IACIS, UT/RUS, JANET, ram, JICC, ReMOB, LEETAC, UTU, VNET, BRLO, SADCC, NSLEP, SACLANTCEN, FALN, 877, NAVELEXSYSSECENGCEN, BZ, CANSLO, CBNRC, CIDA, JAVA, rsta, Awarehouse, Active X, Compsec 97, RENS, LLC, DERA, JIC, ri! p, rb, Wu, RDI, Mavricks, BIOL, Meta-hackers, ^?, SADT, Steve Case, Tools, RECCEX, Telex, OTAN, monarchist, NMIC, NIOG, IDB, MID/KL, NADIS, NMI, SEIDM, BNC, CNCIS, STEEPLEBUSH, RG, BSS, DDIS, mixmaster, BCCI, BRGE, SARL, Military Intelligence, JICA, Scully, recondo, Flame, Infowar, Bubba, Freeh, Donaldson, Archives, ISADC, CISSP, Sundevil, jack, Investigation, JOTS, ISACA, NCSA, ASVC, spook words, RRF, 1071, Bugs Bunny, Verisign, Secure, ASIO, Lebed, ICE, NRO, Lexis-Nexis, NSCT, SCIF, FLiR, JIC, bce, Lacrosse, Bunker, Flashbangs, HRT, IRA, EODG, DIA, USCOI, CID, BOP, FINCEN, FLETC, NIJ, ACC, AFSPC, BMDO, site, SASSTIXS, NAVWAN, NRL, RL, NAVWCWPNS, NSWC, USAFA, AHPCRC, ARPA, SARD, LABLINK, USACIL, SAPT, USCG, NRC, ~, O, NSA/CSS, CDC, DOE, SAAM, FMS, HPCC, NTIS, SEL, USCODE, CISE, SIRC, CIM, ISN, DJC, bemd, SGC, UNCPCJ, CFC, SABENA, DREO, CDA, SADRS, DRA, SHAPE, bird dog, SACLANT, BECCA, DCJFTF, HALO, SC, TA SAS, Lander, GSM, T Branch, AST, SAMCOMM, HAHO, FKS, 868, GCHQ, DITSA, S! 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Friday, 27 December 2013

Opes Prime associations to Zomojo & Exablaze in a small world

Mick Gatto and Associates:    
April 2008: Australians Mr Mick Gatto (centre), and his associates Mr John Khoury (left) and Mr Matt Thomas (right) are in town to recover hundreds of millions of dollars lost by investors after Australian brokerage firm Opes Prime went belly-up in March (source link).

I've mentioned previously in this blog the lack of impartiality I believe to have occurred in matters relating to Zomojo Pty Ltd versus myself and Zeptonics in the Federal Court of Australia, primarily before Gordon J and Davies J.

I have found that some of the members and directors of Zomojo Pty Ltd & Exablaze Pty Ltd have been involved in matters relating to Opes Prime. I have no knowledge of any untoward behaviour on their part but it does highlight the close associations that may form in the Melbourne business and legal community.

The directors of Zomojo Pty Ltd and Exablaze Pty Ltd are:
  • Ian Heddle
  • Greg Robinson
  • Dean Boyle

Now, other people behind the significant shareholders in Zomojo Pty Ltd (which owns Exablaze Pty Ltd) include:
  • John William "Bill" Burdett
  • Tim Batho

These five people were all associated with ITG in Australia previously.

If you look up the ASIC reports for Bill Burdett (ASIC person id 2175804) you will see this in the file:

If you look up the ASIC reports for Greg Robinson (ASIC person id 16226997) you will see this in the file:

Dean Boyle has been mentioned a few times in the press in relation to Opes Prime.  He was reported to be Opes Prime's Chief Operating Officer (COO). Share trades were reported to have been done by Dean Boyle after the Opes directors warned ANZ about the difficulties. ASIC did not take action against Dean Boyle.  Dean Boyle assisted ASIC in their enquiries and testified at some of the Opes Prime related trials.  The following quote is from Smart Company:
Opes Prime’s chief operating officer Dean Boyle and corporate governance consultant Frank Dunphy successfully sold at least some of their shares in the final days before the collapse.
Boyle sold 75% of his entire portfolio and Dunphy sold $2.5 million ASX Ltd shares. The sales were ordered on 19 March, two days after Opes directors warned the ANZ they had found a “hole in the accounts”.
Dean Boyle was hired from high school by Greg Robinson into ITG is what I have been told.  He left ITG to become the COO at Opes Prime. After leaving Opes Prime, Greg Robinson applied some pressure for Dean Boyle to be hired at Zomojo Pty Ltd into an administrative role in Melbourne though all the staff, except Greg, were based in Sydney.

In the public court documents from FCA case VID 1478/2011 a report from Deloitte disclosed that Zomojo invested $705,000 into Bellwether Group, a small Australian Share Fund, as at 30 June 2010.

Entities related to Bill Burdett, Ian Heddle and Greg Robinson owned shareholdings in Bellwether when Greg Robinson came to me to request that Zomojo invest in Bellwether.  He said his wife, Patricia Desmond, would not allow him to invest further funds.  Robinson claimed that a $300 million or so investment mandate from a firm was not guaranteed but likely in the near future.  I allowed the Zomojo investment to go ahead, thus the $705,000 investment in the accounts.  It turned out to be not a wise investment.  I later visited the offices and met the board of Bellwether. During that visit I realised my trust in Robinson was misplaced and the investment was probably not wise.  I vetoed any further investment. Ian Heddle thanked me on putting forward this view on my return to Sydney. My view was based on my perception that the senior people associated with Bellwether were well connected people in the Melbourne community but those connections had not been successful in attracting investment for a considerable period and this was unlikely to change.

It is in the public record from the FCA 1478/2011 court case that Zomojo had invested further in Bellwether after I left Zomojo.

In Bellwether I found relationships to Opes Prime:

  • Current director, Mr Frank Dunphy, was a corporate governance consultant to Opes Prime and was accused in Smart Company of selling $2,500,000 of shares after the hole in the accounts was reported to ANZ.  The Herald Sun reported, "Mr Dunphy, the former managing director of Lehman Brothers, said he had been working "a couple of days a week" at Opes Prime since being employed in October."
  • Mr Peter Gillooly had been the Chairman at Opes Prime and the Chairman at Belwether.
  • Mr Bruce Bell was reported by the Herald Sun to have been caught in the collapse, "Those caught by the collapse include Bruce Bell, executive chairman and chief investment officer of Bellwether Partners, which describes itself on its website as an "independent boutique investment manager."

Bellwether had over $80 million in funds under management.  The latest MorningStar report lists it as having $2.3 million in assets under management.  Its performance was not been strong as the following information from Morning Star shows:

Trailing Total Returns

as at 30 Nov 2013
Total Return+/- Cat+/- IndexCat Rank
1 Month-1.59-0.63-0.2823/28
3 Month3.92-1.51-0.9425/28
1 Year23.67-1.460.4116/28
3 Year7.04-2.11-2.9323/28
5 Year10.11-1.16-2.1220/24

Fund Details

Fund Inception11 Aug 2004
ManagerBellwether Partners Limited
Base Currency$A
Net Assets $Mil
(as at 30 Nov 2013)
Minimum Investment $100,000
Regular Savings Plan
Cash Distributions6 Monthly
source: morningstar web site, copy-paste on 27 December 2013

Some of the old and current Bellwether crew, such as Peter Gillooly and Greg Robinson, are now involved with Great Land, including Bellwether (former?) director Phillip Pryor who is still listed as director in the about us section of Bellwether but not against a specific legal vehicle which makes Bellwether's web-site confusing.

Dean Boyle remains a director of Zomojo Pty Ltd and Exablaze Pty Ltd but resigned from being a company secretary after his signature on an untruthful ASIC document was noted in court. I do not know why Dean Boyle suddenly resigned from the role of company secretary after the document was questioned. Boyle remained a director. Previously I have noted that Greg Robinson claimed the errors in the ASIC lodgement were just typographical errors but they submitted and executed the untruthful document without change regardless. Bill Cox is now the company secretary of Zomojo Pty Ltd and Bellwether.

ASIC has taken no action against Zomojo or their officers.

Zomojo and Exablaze's Chairmain, Greg Robinson, was terminated at ITG to be replaced by Alasdair Haynes, Robinson has not succeeded with Bellwether and is in danger of an unsuccessful outcome at Zomojo and Exablaze.  Best of luck to Great Land.  Despite these influences and outcomes, Robinson and companies associated with him seem to have influence in the Melbourne business and legal community which I believe may make a reasonable lay person question the impartiality of the Zomojo v Hurd & Zeptonics court cases.

It's hard to know what to make of it all.

Caveat emptor.